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jambnews.ng just launched her official 2017 Jamb CBT Practice Software. It’s simple – this Jamb CBT software will help you succeed in the 2017 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination – UTME. It is the best simulation an actual Jamb CBT. Do yourself a favour – download the free version at least.

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This Jamb CBT Practice on PC is better than what you’ll get elsewhere.

The core objective of Jambnews.ng is to provide necessary materials  and information to serious Jambites.  I know there are students out there who are willing to put in the work and come out smiling come Jamb 2017. This site was made purely for those kinda students.

I’m sure there are parents too. Who are willing to secure their Child’s future by providing them with necessary resources to help them excel.

Those categories of people. People like you….are the ones this platform seeks to serve.

In an effort to boost your Admission chance in the 2017 Jamb UTME. We’ve come up with the ideal Jamb Preparatory platform.

What’s the bottom line? This Jamb CBT Software will help you get into the University in 2017.

Use the button below to initiate download.

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ad: Also See the online jamb practice test for phones at cbt.jambnews.ng

jamb cbt app for pc

jambnews.ng CBT Software

Here is quick video showing Features of this Jamb CBT Software for PC…The girl playing has had the software for a little over a month.

Also, She’s not that fast. I had to speed up some sections to shorten the video length.

Pictures from the Jamb CBT Practice Software

home screen of jamb cbt practice software

2017 Jamb CBT Software home page


government questions from jamb cbt software

jamb cbt question for government

Quick Navigation: | download software(free) | How to Install | How to Activate |

a mathematics question from jamb cbt practice software

proper subscripts are used where neccessary


last days at forcados high school from jamb cbt practice software

There’s a comprehensive summary of last days at forcados high school too

Jamb Official Website

Jamb Result Checker

More Pictures from Jamb CBT Practice Software 2017


physics jamb cbt practice question

A physics question from the Jamb CBT Practice software


jamb cbt practice result bar chart

2017 Jamb CBT Mock Exam Result Bar Chart

Jamb Portal

Download Jamb Past Questions

jamb cbt correction in biology

correction in biology(Detailed Explanation)


mock jamb cbt practice [Tabular Result]

mock jamb cbt [Tabular Result]

jamb cbt software result pie chart

cbt jamb result pie chart


Jamb CBT software Result Page

CBT Result Page [Ideal for Mock Exams in CBT Centres]

Download Jamb CBT Software

download jamb cbt software

The 2017 Jamb CBT Software can be downloaded for free.

Use the link below to download.

Before you download: Please note that this software  works on PCs (Laptops and Desktops)

The size is about 70MB

Use the link below to begin download


 Installing the Jamb UTME CBT Software

Here is a step by step guide on installing the 2017 Jamb CBT Practice software.

  1. The software comes as a zip package.
  2. Unzip the file into a folder.
  3. Open the newly created folder.
  4. Click on the setup.exe file to launch the installation sequence.

Activating your Jamb CBT Software

  • Activation key for the Jamb 2017 CBT practice software cost N2000.
  • After payment, Text your Name and Product key to me(09020318377).
  • See Payment options below. Your activation key will be sent immediately.
  • Enter your Activation key in the space provided. Then hit Enter.
  • That’s all. You should have access to the complete question database now.
  • Encountered any problems? Call me.

Purchase the Jamb CBT Software Activation Pin

Payment for activation can be done through bank deposit or online with your atm card.

GT Bank
Account name: Ibotile Awajiowa
Account number: 0223732792


First Bank of Nigeria
Account name: Ibotile Awajiowa
Account number: 3043701448

After a successful payment, you will instantly receive an Activation Key via your mobile number and email address. You will find your Product Key after installing the application.

Enter your name and email address in the space provided to pay with your atm card.



After Payment; Text your Product key, phone number, your name and email address to me(see details below)

Phone Number : 09020318377
Email Address : info@jambnews.ng


Additional Infos…

Hello, this is Awajis from jambnews.ng

This is a post about the 2017 Jamb CBT Software from jambnews.ng

(To download the jamb utme cbt practice software – click here)

Why should you get it?

Because it will better your chances in the 2017 Jamb  CBT Exams. It has done that for thousands of 2016 Aspirants.

Download New Jamb CBT Software

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board – JAMB has confirmed that the 2017/2018 Exams will be totally Computer Based.

Accept it.

One way to familiarize the CBT platform is to practice with an actual pc(Laptop or Desktop).

There’s nothing wrong with playing those mobile quiz on your Android device(I even made one for you at cbt.jambnews.ng – And it’s Free Forever).

But there is a lot more you should be doing.

You should definitely practice jamb cbt questions on android mobile phone. It’s encouraged. Familiarity with past jamb utme questions has proven to help most students score well in previous exams.

Most of the guys who will be applying for the same school as you have gotten this software already. You will be doing yourself a great disservice if you don’t expose yourself to technologies that boost your confidence and better your Jamb 2017 performance.

Download Now

There are stories too

Stories of smart students. Very smart students by all paper and pencil standards. One that quickly comes to mind is Maltida.

Matilda is a 19 year old girl that relocated from Sekondi-Takoradi(in Ghana) to Port harcourt. She was quite sure she would make her Jamb and subsequently get in to the Rivers state University of Science and Technology. She had 6 As and 2 Bs in her WASSCE. She was smart. I don’t even need to tell you. If someone has 6 As and 2 Bs in their WASSCE. We just know they are smart.

To cut that story short. She wrote the 2016 Jamb. She had 147. The fact that she wasn’t conversant with an ideal Jamb CBT Environment was the reason she failed. She had issues navigating the questions. She had issues returning to subjects she hasn’t completed. She is still very brilliant. She just got this Jamb CBT Software. I believe she will make it this time.

Don’t know if I still have to point it out.

The thing is this: Getting this software is better than not getting it.

Download Now

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