Mistakes 2017 Jambites Must Avoid

The 2017 JAMB UTME examination is around the corner and students are already looking for ways to get high scores. Sadly there are some common mistakes why some will still fail the JAMB Examination after serious preparations and here’s why:

tips for jambites

01: Lateness to your Exam Center: Getting early to your examination center matters a lot! It gives you enough time to relax and calm yourself in preparation for the exam. Avoid getting to your center late.

02: Overconfidence: This is a general problem for most students but it can be avoided if you take your time to smartly approach each question and carefully select your answer. Some questions can be deceiving so please take note of it.

03: Fear and tension: Fear and Tension before or during the examination will often influence your decision making which isn’t good for you.

04: Poor Time Management: Leaving examination hall early doesn’t make you the best student. Many students will waste time on some questions or subject at the expense of others. If you have no idea on how to attempt a question in 5-10 seconds, then don’t waste your time; move on to another question.

05: Practicing only JAMB past questions: Yes, Past questions are good for practicing, but it is strongly recommended that you read your test books too for knowledge before solving past questions. This way you will know the correct option A, B C, OR D when your JAMB questions’ solution provider is wrong.

06: Lastly, EXPO!: Please, and Please don’t become victims of EXPO masters. Majority of them are only out to deceive you and make money from you.

If you are given expo before you enter CBT hall; ensure you check the options carefully so you won’t be deceived. CBT questions are usually selected randomly, so no one can know the order of your questions.


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